There are 2 ways to acquire points. One is by making the shot which is good for two points. The second is by acquiring penalty points assessed against the opposing team. (In all cases, penalty points are awarded to the team not guilty of committing the penalty. Play does not stop.)

The Penalities are:

  1. Four Point Penalty: for collisions with excessive speed. The penalty goes against the person most responsible for the collision. Referee judgment call.
  2. Four Point Penalty: for pushing off with feet or hands against an opponent's Bumper Car.
  3. Two Point Penalty: for contact with scoop to opponent's body.
  4. Two Point Penalty: for touching the ball with your hands unless it goes inside your scoop and is stuck there; or unless it goes down inside your Bumper Car.
  5. Two Point Penalty: for goal tending. Rising up in your seat to block a shot so as to be off your seat. You must keep you seat belt snug.
  6. Two Point Penalty: for hitting opponent's scoop.
  7. Two Point Penalty: for trying to free up the ball when it has been covered by opponent's scoop on the floor or against the side of his Bumper Car.
  8. Two Point Penalty: For harassing the referee the first time. Moves to four points the second time.
  9. One Point Penalty: There is a one point penalty if anyone on the team that has just scored touches the ball with his or her scoop.

The referee is located in an elevated chair and will keep score and call all penalties. His word will be final.

Head on collisions and directed collisions from behind are determined by a judgment call from the referee as to who is more responsible for its occurrence. The referee will also make a determination as to which team last touched the ball should a new ball be needed.

Rules & Instruction

1. Fasten safety belt.
2. Stay in machine at all times unless directed by the referee to leave the machine.
3. Do not use hands to retrieve the ball except when the ball falls into your bumper car.
4. No play allowed on court, unless from operating bumper car.
5. After each score, ball is turned over to opposing team.
6. If a new ball is required, the referee will throw it onto the playing floor, to the team who last touched it.
7. Delay of Game Penalty: There is a one point penalty if anyone on the team that has just scored touches the ball with his or her scoop.
8. Technical: There is a two point penalty for any harassment to the referee for the first time. The second time will be a four point penalty.